b. London, 1960

Degree Studies at University of London (Philosophy), Aston University

Painter. Abstract, Contemporary Landscape

Lives and works in London. Previously in U.S., Mexico, Spain/

Artist Steven De Ciantis visits John Latham at Serpentine 2017-03-15 14.26.22


“…with empirical roots in the abstract sublime, also drawing on the conceptual frameworks of the early Art & Language group, I work primarily at the intersection of pure abstraction and contemporary landscape painting. Engaging non-linear abstraction processes, aleatoric experimentation, ideographic and asemic writing, and abstract conceptualization techniques, my work also echoes in certain respects the manifestos of early Twentieth-century abstract art movements, namely De Stijl and Der Blaue Reiter, the theory that art and philosophy share the same content… my work aims to prompt the viewer toward intuiting, glimpsing, as much through a feeling, by circumventing a priori categories of cognition, the edge of the ungraspable… to a transcendent sense of self and world, or as Schopenhauer writes, achieving better consciousness, in aesthetic contemplation the viewer becoming “a pure subject of will-less knowing”…”


London, 2017

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